Current Issue: Vol 6 | Issue 3 | July—September 2019

  •  Lipid profile variations in non alcoholic fatty liver disease
  •  Evaluation of paranasal sinus diseases by computed tomography- A tertiary care hospital based study
  •  Alopecia in pediatric population- A clinico-epidemiological study
  •  Withania somnifera as an antistress herb
  •  Antenatal blood pressure for prediction of gestational hypertension- A prospective observational study
  •  Internet addiction among medical and health sciences students and its association with
  •  Level of Patient’s Satisfaction in a Government Medical College Hospital in a Rural Area of Haryana
  •  Comparison of duloxetine with lidocaine infusion in the management of fibromyalgia- A review
  •  Pre hospital emergency medical services in Maharashtra- primary survey and analysis of response times, care provisioning, user experience and expectations from the PPP project
  •  Chronic Venous Insufficiency Resemble Lymphedema Leg
  •  Analysis of Endonuclease activity in clinically and Environmental originated vibro species
  •  Antibiotic utilization in community–A literature review