Current Issue: Vol 6 | Issue 4 | October—December 2019

  •  Cholelithiasis- persistent & new symptoms post cholecystectomy
  •  Analysis of Endonuclease activity in clinically and Environmental originated vibrio species.
  •  A Comparative study to evaluate the effectiveness of Tonsillectomy with Long term Penicillin in the management of recurrent tonsillitis
  •  An Epidemiological study on the morbidities of ear among children near a rural practicing field area of a tertiary medical institute
  •  An Observational study about the levels of bifurcationsin Common Carotid Artery among male & female cadavers
  •  A study to estimate the gestational age by measuring bi-parietal diameter of the foetuses in Gravid Females
  •  Knowledge, awareness and attitude about human papilloma virus infection and its vaccine among medical students in West Bengal.
  •  Comparative Evaluation of Ziehl-Neelsen and Kinyoun Staining in the Diagnosis of Clinically Suspected Cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  •  A Sleep paralysis after total knee replacement and arthroplasty – a low dose midazolam recovered mental status-case report
  •  Oxidative stress in viral HEPATITIS B and C
  •  An Epidemiological study of Enteric Fever among children attending OPD of a tertiary Medical Institute situated in rural area
  •  Association of body mass index with pulmonary function parameters in females with non-obstructive airway disease identified by spirometric protocols attending Bankura Sammilani Medical College
  •  Attitude towards suicide among medical students in a medical college of rural south India