Current Issue: Vol 7 | Issue 1 | January — March 2020

  •  Investigation of relationship between levels of self-care agency and self-efficacy in nursing students
  •  Physical Barriers and Attitudes towards Accessing Healthcare in a Rural Muslim Population in Nepal
  •  Post Cholecystectomy Stump Calculus Cholecystitis with Completion Cholecystectomy – A Rare Case Report
  •  Risk factors and Incidence of wound dehiscence after neck dissection in patients with head and neck cancer
  •  Correlating MRI and histological tumor thickness in the assessment of tongue cancer
  •  Comparison of CPAP preoxygenation versus conventional preoxygenation on duration of safe apnoea time in patients undergoing elective surgery under general anaesthesia
  •  Mycetoma of breast
  •  Accuracy of Diagnosis Coding Based On ICD-10
  •  Nutritional and quality analysis of quinoa seed flour fortified wheat biscuits
  •  Low lying fistula-in-ano - fistulotomy or fistulectomy
  •  A Comparative Study between the Outcome of Primary Repair versus Loop Ileostomy in Traumatic and Non traumatic Ileal Perforation
  •  Profile of female breast lesions along with histological grading and receptor study of malignant lesion
  •  Cytotoxicity activity of Liverwort (Marchantia Polymorpha L.)Methanolic Extract to HeLa cell Line
  •  Resistance to non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents
  •  Clinical profile and management of benign breast disease