Assessment of Variation in Nutrient Intake and Health Status of Women Due to COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-sectional Study


  • Antriksha Sen Department of Anthropology, IGNOU, School of Social Science, Maidan Garhi, Delhi, India.
  • Shardhanjali Sinha Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi, Delhi, India.


Body mass index, Coronavirus disease 2019, Dietary intake, Nutritional status, Women of reproductive age


Background: The economic position of a family has been influenced by Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak which ultimately affects the nutritional status of women. The COVID-19 pandemic acts as a hurdle to obtain a balanced diet required to maintain the good health of women. The present study aims to understand the deterioration of the nutritional status of women by evaluating the changes in dietary patterns of women due to the COVID-19 pandemic and measuring the body mass index (BMI) of women. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 315 non-pregnant women of reproductive age (18–49 years) at TB Hospital of Nagaur, Rajasthan, India. The nutritional status of women was evaluated by assessment of variation in nutrient intake due to the COVID-19 pandemic along with measuring the BMI of enrolled women. The study was conducted from January 01, 2021, to June 15, 2021. Results: The mean age of participants was 31.82 years (SD, 8.97). The family income of 20% of participants has been decreased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The frequency of intake of green vegetables and fruits was decreased in approximately 30% (P < 0.001) women, while the intake of meat, fish, and egg has increased in all non-vegetarian participants. The BMI of 65% of women has been falling in normal, 26% in overweight, 4.4% in underweight, and 4.1% in obese category. Conclusion: The current women’s BMI and change in dietary intake indicate that the nutritional status of women has been deteriorating comparatively, which further leaves an impact on the coming generation also. It opens up a scope of research at other deprived places in our country.


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