A comparative study of Appendicectomy: open and laparoscopic


  • Oruganti Shankar Government Medical College, Nizamabad, India
  • Nimmala Balraj Government Medical College, Nizamabad, India
  • Viraj Tatikonda Government Medical College, Nizamabad, India




Laparoscopy, Acute appendicitis, Laparotomy wound


Background: Laparoscopic method for the surgical treatment of acute appendicitis is now-a-days becoming popular. The main advantage of the Laparoscopic abdominal surgery is related to the avoidance of Laparotomy wound. Materials and methods: The total number of patients admitted by various surgical units during this study period was 580, out of which 126 case of appenicitis were admitted and operated in department of general surgery. 60 patients underwent appendicectomy by the conventional Open method and the remaining 66 patients underwent surgery by Laparoscopic method. Results: In total of 580 surgical cases admitted out of which 126 cases were operated for appendicitis, has incidence of 21.7%, number of days of parenteral usage of antibiotics to be more in the Open appendicectomy group. Oral feeds were resumed on an average in about one day in Laparoscopic surgery, while it took about 1 ½ days in open surgery. Duration of hospital stay was one day more in Open surgery group than in Laparoscopic surgery group. This difference was statistically significant. All the patients who underwent Laparoscopic surgery were able to return to normal activity, on an average, 5 days earlier than patients who underwent Open surgery. (P=0.001). There was a significant difference (P=0.02) in the wound infection rate which was around 8 % in the Open group while none in the Laparoscopic group. 89% of the patients undergoing Laparoscopic appendicectomy felt that they had an excellent cosmetic end result while only 2% of Open group felt the same. Conclusion: Laparoscopic appendicectomy was better than Open appendicectomy with regard to pain, wound infection, co-existing pathology, duration of hospital stay, earlier return to normal activity, excellent cosmetic end result, lesser use of antibiotics, and earlier resumption of oral cosmetic end result,feeds. It indicates that Laparoscopic appendicectomy has better results and will become the standard of care.


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Author Biographies

Oruganti Shankar, Government Medical College, Nizamabad, India

Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery,

Nimmala Balraj, Government Medical College, Nizamabad, India

Assistant Professor, Department of General Surgery, 

Viraj Tatikonda, Government Medical College, Nizamabad, India

Senior Resident: Department of General Surgery, 




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Oruganti Shankar, Nimmala Balraj, & Viraj Tatikonda. (2016). A comparative study of Appendicectomy: open and laparoscopic. Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences, 3(1), 168–174. https://doi.org/10.21276/apjhs.2016.3.1.28