To Evaluate Physiotherapy Exercises on Dizziness and Vertigo Patients: A Systemic Review


  • Shahanawaz SD RK University Rajkot ,Gujarat, India
  • Priyanshu.V.Rathod RK University, Gujarat, India



Dizziness, BPPV, Vertigo, Physiotherapy Exercises, Vestibular Rehabilitation


Objective: To evaluate the Effectiveness of Physiotherapy Exercises on dizziness and vertigo patients and elucidate vestibular rehabilitation as a feasible treatment for various causes of dizziness. Design, Systemic Review, Data Sources or Database Searches: PubMed , PubMed central ,PEDro ,Medline ,Cochrane reviews. Results: We included 12 trials in the review with a total of 758 patients.All patients were adults aged 18 to 70years old. All studies were randomized with four applying sealed envelope or external allocation techniques. All the studies showing the improvement of BPPV or Dizziness and Vertigo patients and there were no serious adverse effects of treatment.Rates of nausea during the repositioning manoeuvre varied from 15 to 27 %. Some patients were unable to tolerate the manoeuvres because of cervical spine problems. Conclusion: This systematic review provides an insight into the evidence to support Epley Manoevre ,Sement and Gansmanovres and also brand off exercises are helpful in treating the Benign Positional Vertigo Patients, that conclusion remains weak, and further studies are needed to treat the patients with neck stiffness or clavicle fracture or any associated disorders of neck movements.


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Author Biographies

Shahanawaz SD, RK University Rajkot ,Gujarat, India

PhD Scholar ,School of Physiotherapy,

Priyanshu.V.Rathod, RK University, Gujarat, India

Director , School of Physiotherapy, 




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Shahanawaz SD, & Priyanshu.V.Rathod. (2015). To Evaluate Physiotherapy Exercises on Dizziness and Vertigo Patients: A Systemic Review. Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences, 2(2), 38–40.